A new report identifies six key trends set to transform the global in the coming year.

A new report from Mintel, Global Packaging Trends – A Fast-Forward Look at How the Next Generation of Packaging is Engaging Consumers in 2016, reveals the six key trends set to transform the packaging industry in 2016. These trends include:

Digital revolution: The unique capabilities of have captured the attention of retailers, brand owners, and packaging converters around the world by creating opportunities to engage consumers on a local, personal, or even emotional level. Mintel believes 2016 will be the tipping point for as brands and converters begin to capitalize on ’s economic and speed-to-market advantages for mainstream package decoration.
Phenomenal flexibles: At present, 32% of consumers associate flexible packaging with being modern, and brands are tapping into flexibles’ nearly unparalleled decoration and marketing opportunities. But at what point will flexibles, especially stand-up pouches, become non-differentiated? Mintel believes in 2016, while brands will still be looking to pouches to capture consumers’ attention, truly innovative brands will be looking to the next generation of rigid/flexible hybrids.

Read Report by By Anne Marie Mohan, Senior Editor, Packaging World: Six packaging trends for 2016