ILLIG Celebrates 70 Years of Excellence

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We expect the increase in the cycles per minute of ILLIG machine lines will continue to be a decisive factor in the near future for high lot-size productions and highly automated production processes.

Australian manufacturing is back

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We compete in industrial and commercial construction markets where customers have plenty of choice and are price sensitive. Competition is fragmented and fierce.

Britains manufacturing worst in developed world

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Britains manufacturing base is one of the worst performing of the world’s developed countries, a shock report reveals. Steel and chemical industries have seen at least 100,000 jobs disappear and output has stagnated during the economic recovery. Only Norway has a smaller industrial base than Britain in the European Union and hopes of creating a Northern [...]

Manufacturing Jobs Are Never Coming Back

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A plea to presidential candidates: Stop talking about bringing manufacturing jobs back from China. In fact, talk a lot less about manufacturing, period. It’s understandable that voters are angry about trade. The U.S. has lost more than 4.5 million manufacturing jobs since NAFTA took effect in 1994. And as Eduardo Porter wrote this week, there’s mounting [...]

US trade deals have cost America 5 million manufacturing jobs

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National Security Advisor Susan Rice said Wednesday President Obama is fully committed to the ratification of the Trans-Pacific Partnership [TPP], despite predictions the deal would further erode America’s manufacturing base. Obama stands against the majority of Democrats on the issue - including two Democrat presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. RT: Why is the President [...]

Listeria in US and Canada Linked to Dole Lettuce

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In the United Sates, fifteen people infected with the outbreak strain of Listeria have been reported from eight states since July 5, 2015