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Six packaging trends for 2016

By | May 3rd, 2016|Categories: Clamshell Packaging|Tags: , , |

report from Mintel, Global Packaging Trends – A Fast-Forward Look at How the Next Generation of Packaging is Engaging Consumers in 2016, reveals the six key trends set to transform the packaging industry in 2016.

E-cig packaging

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E-cigarettes, like the tobacco products that preceded them, have their share of critics. But no one can deny the packaging opportunity currently bubbling up in the e-cig market. With mass-market retail joining the internet as a key e-cig sales channel, demand for package designs that draw the eye and convey brand value is strong and getting stronger.

Grocery Store Items Never Recyclable

By | April 30th, 2016|Categories: Clamshell Packaging|Tags: |

Grocery Store Items Never Recyclable, The trash from our meals is piling up. For starters, supermarket goods are hitting the shelves in increasingly elaborate packaging—think soup pouches, snack packs, and squeeze tubes. Meanwhile, booming on-demand food delivery services leave behind an ever-growing trail of containers and plastic debris. The good news is that more and more [...]

Goodbye Annoying Clamshell Plastic Containers

By | April 22nd, 2016|Categories: Clamshell Packaging|Tags: |

Well, this is a slight upside to the bad economy. The rising petroleum price could get rid of a minor health hazard: the clamshell or oyster packaging those plastic covers that are just impossible to take apart. The New York Times reports that in the quest to reduce cost in this tough economy, retailers are turning [...]

Packaging Is Getting Less Aggravating

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Every day delivery men show up at my door bearing loads of new things. Some of it is stuff I’ve purchased online, but most of the boxes contain tech products that companies have sent me to review. Because I send all this stuff back when I’m done assessing it—and because I like to have the option [...]

Clear clamshell wins consumer packaging vote

By | January 29th, 2016|Categories: Clamshell Packaging|Tags: |

Clear plastic clamshell packaging won the consumer vote in a recent eye tracking survey conducted for materials manufacturer Klockner Pentaplast, results of which it revealed at Pack Expo 2012 in Chicago.